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Login Procedures
Requesting a Credit Report
OnLine Supplement / RMCR

Q) Where is the Web-Site to pull Credit?
A) Go to - OnLine Services and click on the Credit button.

Q) How can I verify Trade Lines / Balances / Update Paid Accounts?
A) Read the OnLine Supplement or Watch the Demo Above.
Q) How do I know the Supplement / RMCR is Completed?
A) All your Information is on the MAIN page.
Q) How do I Add / Remove Users to my account?
A) Click Here for the Form (Requires a Signature).
Q) Can I Pull Fannie Mae & Flood Reports through this Web-Site?
A) Yes Click Here.

Q) How do I Contact Tech-Support?
A) Click Here.

Q) I cannot Print my report and get an error message, Why?
A) You will need to Install the E-Print Module located in the
download section of the MAIN page.
Q) I cannot update certain reports, Why?
A) Each account is set up differently. You should have security
rights to update reports that were not pulled by you. Check with your Office Manager.
Q) I cannot open Internet Explorer when I am using AOL, Why?
A) You need to set your "Default Browser" to Internet Explorer.
This will allow you to run IE and AOL at the same time.
Q) How do I order Credit on a client who has a PO Box address?
A) Enter the PO Box number into the "Num" field and then enter the whole PO Box address into "Street Name" field. (ex) PO Box 123, you would enter in the "Num" field 123 and then in the "Street Name" field "PO Box123".
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