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Determines if a property is in a flood zone
or not. Ordering
and receiving determinations can now be done completely
online. Accurate and insured.

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PRBC provides both individuals and lenders with a new choice for managing credit. Individuals can qualify for better offers and rates by choosing to use PRBC to show lenders that they've paid their bills on time. Lenders can choose to qualify responsible borrowers for mortgages, loans, and better rates by relying on verified payment data found in PRBC Reports.

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Providing the Nation's Gold Standard for verifying total Income, the...Tax Return Verification Report ("TRV Report"). You should also be aware that some investors, such as Freddie Mac, endorse
TRV services and in most instances accept TRV in place of asking your borrower for a copy of their tax return! Additionally, TRV services include Priority Guaranteed Service!
That means every TRV Report receives Priority handling and a typical delivery time of 24-72 hours. And if for some reason your order goes over 5 days, your TRV Report price is reduced!

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