Get access to the highest quality and most accurate data from the nationwide credit bureaus with our easy-to-read consumer credit reports. Order Credit Reports Online.

Rapid Risk Score Review
Customers may request a score to be reviewed based on an inaccuracy that was provided on a credit report.  Documentation is required to send to the credit bureaus.  Upon investigation and review, a new infile will be re accessed.  THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT GUARANTEE A SCORE CHANGE!  Click here for more information about our rapid risk score review.

A report accessed from one, two or three of the credit bureaus with or without scores.  The "raw" credit is merged, processed and delivered to you within seconds.[sample report]

Modified Merge
Any updates, revisions or additional credit information needed on an infile product.  This is done through the Supplemental request online and sent to our Customer Service Department. This is processed and returned to your desktop within minutes.

Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR)
A two or three bureau fully investigated credit report.  This product has employment verified, all balance discrepancies updated, past due or collection accounts updated, public records verified, inquiries verified, all accounts outside of 60 days are updated to current month and an interview may be completed with the applicant.
[sample report]

Quality Control Report

A credit report that was completed by another credit agency is forwarded to our office.  We access two or three of the credit repositories and match the information we get with the other credit reports.  Incomplete or inaccurate information is noted at the bottom of the page.

Non-Traditional Credit Report
This report is needed when the borrower has little or no credit.  Three bureaus are accessed and four to six alternative credit items are verified and added to the report (i.e. utilities, insurance and daycare).

Fannie Mae Credit Reports
Enables our customers to access credit reports through Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter / Originator.  We appear in a drop down menu to access a three-bureau infile credit report.

Freddie Mac Credit Reports

Enables our customers to access credit reports via the Freddie Mac drop down menu provided on Loan Prospector.

Credit Analyzer
With Credit Analyzer You can input different scenarios and Credit Analyzer will take you through the process on how to possibly improve your borrower's credit score. Click here for more information about our Credit Analyzer.

Scoring Factors
If you have already received a credit report, access scoring information from the three major credit agencies to help you better understand the results.

Additional types of reports are available. Check the one most applicable to you. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.

Business Report

An Experian business report is accessed and put into readable format on our form.  Interviews are conducted with the business owner.
[sample report]

Tax Verification

Out Tax Return Verification is the Gold Standard method of validating the authenticity of Tax Returns or other Income information claimed by your applicant. Information is verified with the IRS and returned within 48 hours. [TRV Forms]

Flood Certifications
Determines if a property is in a flood zone or not.  Ordering and receiving determinations can now be done completely online.  Accurate and insured. [sample report]


Office of Foreign Assets - Under New Federal Regulations -
you are required to verify your customer is not listed on the
United States Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control File, prior to processing their loan.

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